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Esri Asia Pacific User Conference (APUC) 2012

Last night I returned from my third Esri Asia Pacific User Conference in Auckland and wanted to congratulate Eagle Technology, Esri and the NZ Esri User Group on a great event.

My kick off to the conference was attending the Geocortex Essentials User Group.  I’m not a user of that software but appreciated AAM and North South GIS allowing me to see their presentations and was impressed with how well both Essentials and Optimizer can be integrated with ArcGIS Server.

The Plenary by Jack Dangermond, Bern Szukalski and Jo Fraley, very ably supported by Eagles’ Jay Singh and Trish Merz, and others, was as always inspirational.  I enjoyed too the glimpse provided at conference closing of the Road Ahead that included ArcGIS Online geoprocessing, GeoEvents serving and configurable apps.  No new product numbers were mentioned and 10.1 seemed to be treated throughout the conference as brand new (or at times just coming) so the conference as a whole was focussed on ArcGIS 10.1 and ArcGIS Online.

I attended more Esri/Eagle sessions than user presentations but the latter were well attended and were all professionally presented and run.  The role of the NZ Esri User Group was apparently very different at this conference than at their usual annual conference that they have run successfully for 16 years and a concern was raised by one of their number at the end about their future role.  To have such an engaged Esri community over such a long period is a credit to Esri’s brand in New Zealand, so I am hoping their desire to resume a more prominent role in future NZ Esri User conference organisation, now that APUC is done and dusted, is something which can gracefully happen.

My last comment is on the party which was a great chance to catch up with old friends and ex-colleagues, and to meet some more NZ Esri users.  It had a very entertaining hostess (Jackie Clarke) and somewhere around 10 Elvi amongst the wannabe Melbourne Cup racegoers who kicked on after this nation restarted.

Would I go to another NZ Esri User Conference?  You bet!

ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 Service Pack 1 and 64bit Background Geoprocessing

Today I installed ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 Service Pack 1 and decided to do a quick performance test of background geoprocessing before I installed the new 64bit Background Geoprocessing on top of it.

The test I ran, using the Python script below, creates just over a million polygons, and was put behind a Python script tool called test (which had no parameters).

import arcpy

arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True


arcpy.CreateFishnet_management("C:/Support/Geoprocessing/test.gdb/testsquares","0 0","0 1","0.01","0.01","100","100","#","LABELS","#","POLYGON")

arcpy.Buffer_analysis("C:/Support/Geoprocessing/test.gdb/testsquares_label","C:/Support/Geoprocessing/test.gdb/testcircles","0.0125 Unknown","FULL","ROUND","NONE","#")

arcpy.Union_analysis("C:/Support/Geoprocessing/test.gdb/testcircles #;C:/Support/Geoprocessing/test.gdb/testsquares #","C:/Support/Geoprocessing/test.gdb/testunion","ALL","#","GAPS")

The result prior to installing 64bit Background Geoprocessing was a very respectable 2 minutes 43 seconds, but I was hoping for even better after the upgrade.

The result after installing 64bit Background Geoprocessing was 2 minutes 27 seconds.

So, based on this very quick and dirty test, it looks like about a 10% performance gain can be expected from installing 64bit Background Geoprocessing.  This is not as much as I had hoped for, but I admit that I have not read up on the benefits 64bit background geoprocessing should bring and so am happy that it works and is at least a bit quicker!

For the record my Windows 7 system specification is as below: