Competition to win PolyGeo Training in ArcGIS for Desktop

PolyGeo is offering the chance to win ArcGIS for Desktop Training Days!

*** First winner is Stephen Trent (Qld EHP) ***

Early responders have more chance of winning!

To be eligible for the draws between now and 15 January 2014, you simply need to tick four multiple choice boxes (plus include your name, organisation and email/phone) in PolyGeo‘s ArcGIS for Desktop Training Survey 2013.
To reward early responders, the first draw for a Training Day (valued at $590) will occur when at least one response has been received from 20 Australian organisations.  Those who do not win remain in subsequent draws.
After that, for every additional 20 respondent organisations from Australia, another Training Day  will be drawn.



  • Each individual respondent has ONE entry in the draw and can win a maximum of ONE Training Day
  • Contact details must be correct to be eligible
  • Training Day must be taken during the calendar year of 2014
  • Training Day is transferable within your organisation
  • The number of Training Days drawn will be:
    • ONE if 1-20 Australian organisations respond
    • TWO if 21-40 Australian organisations respond
    • THREE if 41-60 Australian organisations respond
    • etc.
  • Training Day can be used on any course which is confirmed to run – we will do our best, but cannot guarantee, to accommodate your first choice of course/workshops and locations.
  • Winners must provide own laptop (or PC) with own ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 or 10.2 license
  • Winners responsible for own arrangements and costs if travel required to attend Training Day
  • Training Day cannot be claimed as its monetary equivalent
  • Training Day can be claimed as Self-paced course
  • Respondents from organisations offering commercial ArcGIS Training are not eligible for the draw
  • Maximum of 10 Training Days to be awarded
  • Winners to be announced here, as they happen, before 31 January 2014

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