ArcGIS Quick Start for Cartography (ArcMap)

This one day introductory-intermediate level course is designed to instruct students in how to perform those tasks which will most commonly be required when using the ArcMap application of  ArcGIS for Desktop to make appealing and informative maps.

The course is taught by an ArcGIS Specialist with 25+ years of continuous experience in training, consulting and supporting Esri products.

After completing this course, you will have the skills and confidence to:

  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Take advantage of Maplex Label Engine
  • Place Labels on features using Expressions
  • Modify Symbols & use different Styles
  • Apply Classification to Layer Symbology
  • Work with Graphics (a.k.a. Redlining or Markup)
  • Text Elements (Titles, Wrappable Text, Dynamic Text)
  • Use North Arrows, Coordinate Systems, Scale Bars, Graticules, Pictures (Logos)
  • Develop Map Templates
  • Use Graphic Clipping to create Irregular Shaped Data Frames
  • Configure Legends (Dynamic and Graphics)
  • Share Symbology and other layer properties as Layer Files
  • Create Layer Groups
  • Share layers, (Maps) and data as Layer (and Map) Packages
  • and more!

Note: Data Driven Pages (for making Map Books) are out of scope for this course but are covered in detail by the ArcGIS Quick Start for Map Books (Data Driven Pages) half day workshop.

To register for this course in Brisbane click the date of your choice below:

For more details, please contact us!

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