ArcGIS Quick Start for Map Books (Data Driven Pages)

This half day workshop introduces students to making multi-page Map Series (also known as a Map Book) by combining an index layer with a single page map using the Data Driven Pages functionality of ArcGIS for Desktop:

  • Creating a Basic Map Book
    • Enable and Navigate Data Driven Pages
    • Use Dynamic Text and Legends with Data Driven Pages
    • Export Data Driven Pages to Multi-page PDF
  • Assembling a Map Book from Various Page Types
    • Use Page Definition Queries
    • Create Cover, Map and Report Pages
    • Build Map Book from Component Pages
  • Creating Strip Maps
    • Generate a Strip Map Index
    • Create Data Driven Pages from a Strip Map Index
To register for this workshop in Brisbane click on one of the dates below:

For more details, please contact us!

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