ArcGIS Quick Start for Python (ArcPy)

This one day ArcGIS 10.4 training course, which is equally applicable to ArcGIS 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3, equips students with the skills and confidence to:

  • Understand the basics of the Python programming language such as variables, data types, comments, print, concatenation, lists, loops and logic (if/elif/else)
  • Use Python in ArcMap via the Python window, Field Calculator, Label Expressions and Python script tools
  • Use Esri’s site-package for Python (arcpy) to create Geoprocessing workflows
  • Perform automation and PDF export using the Mapping module of ArcPy (arcpy.mapping)
  • Programmatically replace data sources within map documents and layer files
  • Iterate through feature classes and tables using cursors of the Data Access module (arcpy.da) to read and update rows
  • Work with the Describe object to determine and use geographic extents of feature classes in your scripts and tools

To register for this instructor-led course click on one of these dates:

“For someone such as myself, with limited programming experience, the course provided an excellent introduction to the use of Python and ArcGIS. Would highly recommend it.” – Stephen from Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection


  1. This course can be extended into a two day introduction to Python and ArcPy by the addition of ArcGIS Quick Start Plus for Python (ArcPy)

For more details, please contact us!

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