What are ArcGIS for Desktop Flexi-workshops?

It’s where you get to have a say in which workshop content will be taught!

How does it work?

  1. You register for the scheduled date so we know you are committed to attending
  2. You choose which 3 hour workshop(s) you would like to have taught from:
  3. As soon as ONE student has registered for a particular workshop that content gets locked in
  4. Once a workshop is locked in, anyone who chose an alternative workshop for the same session time is contacted to try and find an alternative, or offered a full refund!

Upcoming ArcGIS for Desktop Flexi-workshop dates in Brisbane – click on date to register:

Why do we offer ArcGIS for Desktop training in this flexible manner?

Instead of always scheduling a particular workshop on a particular day, and not being certain that they are being advertised at the time and with the content to suit you, Flexi-workshops initially just lock down the time, and leaves the content choice in your hands – at least until we have a quorum to lock that down too!

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