GeoRabble Brisbane #2


GeoRabble Brisbane #2 (GRB#2 a.k.a. Xmas party) kicked off at the Platform Bar by Central Station on Tuesday late afternoon with a quick intro on GeoRabble and an amusing video starring its Brisbane “organising committee” by Rob Clout.

This was followed by Wil Waters, who not only spoke but also did the groundwork on where we should hold GRB#2.  His presentation was on the work he did for Engineers Without Borders in Cambodia and it looked like he worked hard but had lots of fun.

Shaun Kolomeitz spoke next on the importance of Open Standards when working in an mixed environment of Open Source and Proprietary software, and on the innovation that a well balanced team working to a common goal can achieve.

Chris McAlister spoke about the re-vamped Destination Spatial that acts as a beacon for those seeking careers in Spatial.  Her enthusiasm for all things Spatial shone through and hopefully inspired a few more to volunteer some hours to the next generation.

Completing a great set was an inspiring presentation on reporting of koala sightings using KoalaTracker by its founder Alex Harris.  On a shoestring budget it is amazing what has been achieved through crowdsourcing to increase our understanding of Queensland’s faunal emblem to try and secure its future.

With 110 or so people attending GRB#2 we are soon to start planning GRB#3 which we hope to hold in March/April.  If you would like to help organise the event or to speak at it then please let us know ASAP using or contact me direct (, because we plan to hold our first organising meeting (at a pub) in a week or so.

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