ArcGIS Quick Start for Australian Coordinate Systems

This half day workshop introduces students to:

  • What are Coordinate Systems?
  • Geographic Coordinate Systems and Datums
    • GDA94 and WGS84
    • AGD84 and AGD66
  • Projected Coordinate Systems
    • MGA Zones
    • Albers
    • Lamberts Conformal Conic
  • Defining Coordinate Systems for Data Frames
  • Combining Layers with different Datums in the same Data Frame
  • Creating reference grids using Fishnets
  • Displaying graticules
  • Finding and Favouriting Coordinate Systems
  • Fixing spatial data  with lacking/incorrect coordinate system
  • Permanent projection of spatial data from one coordinate system to another

To register for this workshop in Brisbane click on one of the dates below:

For more details, please contact us!

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