ArcGIS Quick Start for Desktop

This one day introductory course is designed to instruct students in how to perform those tasks which will most commonly be required when first using ArcGIS for Desktop to view, edit and map spatial data.

It is ideal for those who have purchased ArcGIS for Home Use, and are looking to get a quick return on that investment, at an affordable price.

However, it will just as rapidly upskill (or re-skill) anyone using ArcGIS for Desktop for the first time (or for the first time in a long time!) for government or private work.

The course is taught by an ArcGIS Specialist with 25+ years of continuous experience in training, consulting and supporting Esri products.

After completing this course, you will have the skills and confidence to:

  • Navigate maps using a variety of tools
  • Understand the difference between spatial data and map layers
  • Add and remove layers
  • Modify layer symbology
  • Set and use MapTips
  • Identify features
  • Measure Distances and Areas
  • Create and use spatial bookmarks
  • Find features
  • Work with attributes
  • Set scale dependencies on layer symbols and labels
  • Edit point, line and polygon features using sketches
  • Understand the snapping environment
  • Distinguish overlapping features using the selection chip
  • Use the most common editing tools
  • Create layouts with overview and inset maps
  • Add map surrounds such as north arrows, legends, headings, text boxes, dynamic text elements, scale bars, legends, grids/graticules, etc
  • Use common geoprocessing tools such as buffer, clip, dissolve, spatial join, summary statistics
  • and much more!

“Excellent course for a beginner. Graeme eased my fear of using ArcGIS by demystifying it and guiding us through it in a structured way. I have a lot more confidence in working with ArcGIS now and realise I would have had little chance and wasted a lot of time continuing to struggle with this complex software on my own.” – Samantha Abbato – Evaluation consultant

For more details, please contact us!

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